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Cannabis Property Financing

Cannabis Property Financing

There are many challenging aspects to making a large purchase as an emerging business. Whether its property or expensive equipment, the primary issue is having enough capital. New businesses may not have adequate funds for a bank to approve a loan, or property may simply be too expensive to make that initial investment. As a cannabis business, you also may not appeal to everyone as a candidate for financing due to concern over federal laws counteracting those that legalize the sale of cannabis in certain states.

At Industry Source Consulting (INSO) our goal is to find a way to help new cannabis businesses connect to financing options that are honest and beneficial to both parties. Some investors out there see the cannabis industry as a place to take advantage of new businesses, offering outrageous interest rates or rent fees solely based on the industry. We are unafraid to work with you and strive to create a secure environment for serious and professional cannabis entrepreneurs.

The INSO process

Two scenarios frequently occur when looking for an authorized property for a cannabis business. First, even though the building is pre-approved, the landlord is hesitant to allow a cannabis company in as a renter. Second, the ideal, zoned property is simply too expensive for a young business to make the down payment. In either of these situations INSO can offer help.

Hesitant landlord

How to deal with a hesitant landlord depends on whether or not the building is also for sale. If it’s not for sale, you may have to simply walk away and find an alternate facility, but if the building is on the market, INSO has the ability to purchase it and make space available to you. As a firm knowledgeable in all aspects of running a cannabis business, we don’t have the same concerns about welcoming you into our buildings. As experienced property managers, we won’t take advantage of you as a lessee. Not only that, but we pride ourselves on the care we put into maintaining our buildings.

Property owners can also hesitate in selling an authorized building to a cannabis company even if you can afford to purchase it. In this instance, we’re happy to play middle man and make the initial sale, turning around and negotiating the sale to you.

No down payment

Acquiring property to offer to new cannabis businesses also allows us to work with you directly on financing the purchase of the building. We understand the unique circumstances you may face as a new business still collecting startup capital and, among our many other services, offer financing options. We’re able to do this because we understand the long-term game of investing in a new business.

Financing through INSO

Our main goal at INSO is to support cannabis companies in ways that enable you to reach success without the fear and stress of dealing with people lacking confidence in the industry. As a result, it’s a top priority that we offer adequate support to help qualified candidates find a secure space for their cannabis endeavor.

To start the process of financial assistance with INSO, you need to:

  • Prove you have a license or demonstrate you’re aware of the process of applying for one once you secure a location.
  • Demonstrate you and your business are creditworthy.
  • Put a management team in place that has a plan for success.
  • Present yourself as a business, with a serious and professional outlook on breaking into the cannabis industry.

Ideal candidates have a clear vision and understanding of what it means to start a cannabis-based business in their local community. While the end result is to provide resources to businesses to get up and running, each applicant is thoroughly vetted to ensure a wise investment.

Services beyond the property

After the financing is approved, the next step is finalizing paperwork for the acquisition of your property. Whether renting or purchasing, we’ll be with you through every step of the process. Once the facility is yours, our additional support services can help you acquire equipment, design your dispensary, navigate any additional legalities, and even establish marketing and human resources strategies and processes. INSO offers end-to-end assistance in order to help you develop a successful cannabis business. Contact us today to get started with financing the ideal space, and we’ll be with you the whole rest of the way.

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