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Cannabis Office Space Leasing

Cannabis Office Space Leasing

Finding an authorized location to set up your cannabis business involves a lot of searching. Not only does the process require finding property that’s available, but you also have to navigate the sometimes intricate regulations of where you can have a cannabis business. Every state, county, and even city can have a different set of rules, narrowing down the availability of pre-approved property. It’s almost enough to stop your business before it even starts.

Whether you’re well-versed in laws related to running a cannabis company, or are new to business ownership, remove the stress of finding office space by working with a company who not only does the searching for you, but can also provide you with the lease.

Industry Source Consulting’s strategy

An INSO, we strive to support you from end-to-end with the startup of your cannabis business. We can help you secure an authorized property to get things up and running, and are also able to purchase buildings across the country, zoned and regulated for commercial cannabis companies which we make available to our clients. We put our expertise to work to make sure the building purchase is done right, with all the proper documentation and licensing before working with you to get your individual paperwork to lease sorted correctly.

Whether you need office space for manufacturing, cultivation, cloning, or are looking for a dispensary location, we can provide you with office space that’s zoned for cannabis businesses. You’ll also have our superior property management team in place to ensure your office space is properly maintained. Once the lease is signed, come to us for help securing the necessary equipment to begin your business. We offer additional support in marketing and human resources as well to guide you in any aspect of your company.

What you can provide as a good lessee

  • Necessary state or local license to operate a cannabis business — even if license is tied to particular location, demonstrate you’ve got the paperwork ready to submit. INSO can walk you through this process simultaneously while working on the leasing paperwork should you need assistance.
  • Appropriate insurance — not just business insurance, but cannabis business insurance. Not all companies offer this type, but it’s becoming more common as the industry grows. We can help connect you with providers if you’re struggling to find the right one.
  • Intent to sublease — share whether you’d like to sublease space to other operators. Some states prohibit sub-leasing all or part of a licensed premises. By discussing this with us, we can educate you on what your options legally are.

Why leasing from other sources is hard

Looming over the growing cannabis industry, in states where it’s perfectly legal to grow and sell, is federal law. States are legalizing medical and recreational cannabis, but the federal government still says it’s illegal. While federal law enforcement is not running around shutting down and arresting all cannabis business operators, the potential is still a risk to consider. This risk extends to the property owner where you have your storefront. The idea of breaking a federal law by leasing space to a cannabis company can be enough to scare landlords away from offering you a lease, even if their building is within an authorized location.

Equally intimidated by the looming federal law are the banks who can own the mortgage on a pre-approved building. This may cause them to hesitate when allowing property owners to extend leases to cannabis companies. There may even be a clause within the mortgage preventing the borrower from having businesses like yours on the premises.

Roadblocks like this are understandable as the country figures out the best way to treat this industry, which is why working with a property owner already comfortable within the legal cannabis community is highly beneficial. Companies like INSO own authorized property for the express purpose of leasing to cannabis businesses like yours. It’s a more secure transaction with a knowledgeable partner already on your side.

Every state is different

The other benefit to working with a company like INSO when leasing property is they know the local laws. Every state associates different regulations with operating a cannabis business. While most property owners are aware of whether or not their building is pre-approved to house a cannabis company, they may not know what other laws apply to them. For example, in Alaska, The Marijuana Control Board requires tenants to have a letter from the property owner that states their approval for a cannabis business to operate within their facility. There isn’t a formal form to fill out, it’s just a letter. With INSO as your property manager, we already know about this requirement, and countless others. Regardless of which state your property is in, we’ll make sure you have all the proper documentation to operate your business.

Supporting you through signing the lease and beyond

As a full-service consulting firm, INSO is dedicated to helping cannabis companies through the entire process of establishing their business. Regardless of what your needs are, we provide assistance to get your business up and running. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support you through this intricate process.

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