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Cannabis Dispensary Building Leasing

Cannabis Dispensary Building Leasing

A cannabis dispensary is a physical location, regulated by the local government. It’s typically found inside an office building or as a storefront, which is why location is so essential. Within a dispensary, customers can typically purchase cannabis as well as related items for either medicinal or recreational use. The type of merchandise once can find within a dispensary is also regulated by state laws.

The most challenging part of the process in setting up a dispensary is finding the location. State, county and city laws prohibit the running of a cannabis-based business in more locations than it often allows. There are rules for how close this type of business can be to schools, parks and residential neighborhoods. There are even regulations about how close two cannabis companies can be to each other. Keeping a firm grasp on all the rules affecting your property search is challenging, but you don’t have to do it alone. Consulting firms like Industry Source Consulting (INSO) is here to help you launch your cannabis business with support from end-to-end.

Finding authorized locations

To reduce the stress of locating an authorized space to set up your dispensary, INSO is ready and willing to do the searching for you. Regardless of the state you’re in, we have the resources to help ensure you only look at property pre-approved for cannabis businesses. Often, we own the buildings or are able to purchase the property in order to make signing your lease a more seamless process. As your property owner, we strive to create a more welcoming environment for cannabis-based businesses than you might find working with other landlords, even if their building is in an authorized location.

Creating a tax-friendly dispensary

Once the building is secure and the lease is signed, our expert team can then help you set up a tax-friendly dispensary. Our intimate legal knowledge of federal tax laws allows us to pass on money-saving strategies to you. This includes laying out your dispensary in a way that won’t incur additional costs or taxes. The best strategy is to keep your cannabis physically separate from the rest of the merchandise in your dispensary. Doing this allows you to write off anything within the dispensary that cannabis doesn’t touch. If you only display cannabis within 20 percent of your dispensary, for example, but use the rest for apparel or other merchandise, all the merch is a tax write off. This only works if you set up your dispensary just right, and we can advise you on how to accomplish this.

Setting up the right dispensary

In addition to getting the layout right, we can also consult on overall design. The first thing to establish for design is what kind of dispensary you’re running. There are standard elements that vary between medical dispensaries and those that sell for recreational use.

Medical cannabis dispensaries feel more like a doctor’s office. Usually regulated and taxed a little differently, they sell cannabis specifically to treat ailments. Customers must have a medical note, and often come in with the expectation of an experience similar to seeing an actual doctor. Interior design usually includes a waiting room to control the flow of patients and provide privacy.

Recreational dispensaries or adult-use cannabis shops look more like a storefront. Many offer menus for customers to review while they browse other merchandise found within the store. A clean design helps customers feel secure and safe in their experience.

Location and design are two important elements to bringing in customers to your dispensary, and working with an experienced consulting firm can help you get things right in a way that can save you money.

Working with INSO as your property owner

Leasing your dispensary space from INSO provides you with additional benefits beyond simply having a property owner who understands your business. Our wealth of services not only protect you when signing a lease on an authorized space, but also ensure your dispensary design maximizes tax effectiveness so you can make the most profit. Additionally, we can help you procure all the equipment you need for your business while providing support in marketing, legal, and human resources. INSO truly supports cannabis business from end-to-end, giving you the best chance for success.

Regardless of what your needs are, we provide assistance to get your business up and running. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support you through this intricate process.

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