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Property Management

Property Management

As experts in cannabis asset management and consulting, we know one of the first things you need when starting a cannabis business is a location. Forty-two states currently have cannabis laws and more are passing them regularly, but each state is different. This impacts the appropriate conditions for a business to cultivate and sell, so it’s important to know what you’re up against when searching for a commercial location. Having in-depth knowledge of the cannabis property regulations throughout the country, Industry Source Consulting (INSO) is your best bet to assist with the rigors of finding the perfect location for your cannabis business.

Cannabis Property Management - INSO Consulting

Growing cannabis won’t happen just anywhere

You can’t just sign a lease on any old place and begin growing or selling cannabis commercially. Most of the time, when you look at a local map you’ll see more areas where you can’t have a commercial cannabis business than where you can. Zoning is a major issue and most states, cities, and counties limit where you can physically operate. Rules are different everywhere, but some general ones you’ll most likely come up against include:

  • The distance your store is from schools and parks (it’s usually at least 1,000 feet.)
  • The total number of cannabis stores or grow sites within a specific area.
  • Counties that ban storefronts all together.
  • Proximity to residential property, correctional facilities, halfway houses, or childcare facilities of any kind.
  • Distance between you and another cannabis business.

Local laws vary greatly, so having a partner to fall back on who knows these regulations and can steer you toward appropriate property options is essential.

Cannabis Property Management - INSO Consulting

Narrowing down authorized locations

After inputting all the local regulations, you end up with pre-approved locations for cannabis businesses. Available properties, zoned appropriately will either be ready to purchase or to lease. Leasing can require you to have a letter of approval from your prospective landlord, stating they know what kind of business you’re running and they’re allowing it on their property. Steps like this demonstrate that acquiring property for cannabis-related businesses don’t follow the normal process other business would go through. This is why working with a company like INSO can be extremely beneficial. They help you find an authorized facility to rent or purchase, saving you time hunting around on your own. We are able to narrow down your search to only authorized properties rather than you finding a location that turns out to be inappropriate for a cannabis business.

Cannabis Property Management - INSO Consulting

Renting property from INSO

Should you find an ideal, pre-approved location to run your cannabis business, but are unable to purchase the property, INSO offers the additional service of acquiring the location and leasing it to you. We’re prepared to go through the purchasing process, as experts in property acquisition appropriate for the industry. Through this continued relationship, INSO then becomes your property manager in addition to offering you consulting services within every facet of operations. As your property manager we’ll support your business by:

  • Handling property taxes.
  • Maintaining the building and grounds.
  • Ensuring the building stays up to code.
  • Minimizing liability risks by maintaining the security and safety of the property.

Leasing property directly from INSO reduces the stress of working with a landlord who might not be familiar with what a cannabis-based business needs for success. Our knowledge across the board gives us insight into every aspect, from what equipment you’ll need to the best way to design your office space. It takes the stress out of the relationship because we have realistic expectations of what it means to have you as a tenant.

Cannabis Property Management - INSO Consulting

Supporting you through property acquisition and beyond

INSO is a full-service consulting firm dedicated to supporting cannabis companies through the entire course of establishing their business. Even if you’ve never started a business before, or know very little about how to go about it within the cannabis industry, we’re here to help from end to end. We offer services that include finding property or land, acquiring necessary equipment and materials, supporting marketing efforts, offering legal help, and even coordinating personnel. Regardless of what it is, we can get you what you need so your business gets up and running. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support you through this intricate process.