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Cannabis Website Development

Cannabis Website Development

Even though it isn’t legal to sell cannabis online in a lot of places, cannabis businesses should still develop a website as part of their marketing plan. Having an online presence as your business launches not only prepares you for when it becomes legal to make online sales, but it helps solidify your brand and establish you professionally outside of your physical storefront.

With over 20 years of website development experience Industry Source Consulting (INSO) is already working with several cannabis brands on their online presence. Through this work they’ve developed best practices to ensure sites not only accommodate the laws related to online cannabis sales today, but prepare you for the moment things change.

Setting up sites now to sell later

Some day, it may be legal to sell cannabis online everywhere in the United States. Until that time, it’s worthwhile to build websites with capabilities you can use now and ones that you simply switch on later. INSO knows this and prioritizes functionality that gives website visitors a dynamic experience regardless. Right now, some states limit site interaction with visitors, allowing you to offer:

  • Online pre-orders.
  • In-store pick-up scheduling.
  • Delivery scheduling.

Where it’s legal to provide these capabilities online, we’re able to program the functionality. This passive activity, where you can make an order online but can’t complete the transaction until you’re in the store, is the most available option right now. Active interaction, or eCommerce sales, will hopefully come later.

Once online transactions become legal for cannabis sales, INSO can provide a smooth transition to online selling. We already have strong relationships with credit card processors willing to work within the vape, CBD, and cannabis markets. They’re harder to find due to the nature of the industry, but we’ve taken the legwork out of the process for you, to be at the ready, once laws change in your local area.

Designing sites that build brand loyalty

Brand loyalty happens when customers have a positive experience with your company, employees, and products. Your website is an extension of your company, so you want the online experience to be the best. This means meticulous coding to ensure everything works properly regardless of what device loads the site. Pages should load quickly and completely whether someone is on their computer, tablet, or mobile phone. Images should load just as fast, and people shouldn’t feel like they’re waiting to view a page at any point. Thirty-nine percent of users stop engaging in a site if images won’t load or a site takes too long to load.

Once it quickly loads, visitors to your site remain engaged because of the content and the layout. An unattractive site actually drives over one third of users away from a site, halting their experience with that particular business. This distaste can cloud their feelings for the brand, regardless of how good design looks within the store, signage, and logo. Trends in web design are constantly changing and developing, but an experienced design firm like INSO stays on top of what’s popular. Our design recommendations are always on trend for aesthetics as well as ease-of-use, making the appearance flow seamlessly into functional navigation.

Working within existing limitations in marketing

Until case law determines how cannabis businesses can operate as far as advertising and online sales go, it’s important to tread lightly and not make any risky decisions. Preparing for the future is a must, and proper website development allows you to get ready without jeopardizing your place in the present. None of these current limitations, however, prevent you from optimizing your site for the most important goal of having an online presence — reaching customers. Even if you can’t yet sell cannabis online, you can still reach your local customer base when they’re online searching for a local dispensary. The best way to do this, within the confines of the law, is through organic search engine optimization. Organic SEO is done through the content on your site. Creating content that’s of an attractive length and uses appropriate keywords for search engine algorithms ranks you higher in search results. With the right content plan for your website, your cannabis business can rank at the top of the list, and you don’t have to pay for a single piece of online advertising.

Marketing online effectively

Working within the system of current laws impacting cannabis businesses online means focusing on bringing customers to your physical location. Understanding this, INSO strives to create a dynamic, engaging website for you with carefully crafted content to appeal to your local customer base. We’ll prepare you for any changes that may come in the future, while operating within allowable capabilities as they stand today. Not only that, but our marketing services extend to branding, app development, legal advertising strategies, and signage. We’re able to craft an entire marketing strategy to help you get your business off the ground in addition to offering services in property acquisition, equipment procurement, and departmental support in areas like human resources.

Contact us today to learn how we can support your cannabis business with end-to-end services.

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