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Cannabis Mobile App Development

Cannabis Mobile App Development

Working within the restricted marketing options for cannabis businesses can feel challenging. With limitations to advertising online, your website and social media presence play a more essential role in maintaining customer relationships. Another equally useful option is to create a mobile app for your business. The capabilities for a mobile app are limitless, allowing you to engage with customers in a number of ways both inside and outside your store. This additional level of customer service then helps establish a positive brand identity that keeps customers coming back.

Designing an app can be a technical process, but Industry Source Consulting (INSO) can help. Our mobile applications team has over 20 years of experience building apps within the health space and for the federal government. Our understanding of the fine line cannabis companies sometimes walk helps us give you the best mobile app, within legal regulations, to support your business.

Mobile apps to consider

What’s allowed, in your area, within a mobile app for a cannabis business sets the tone for what your own app will look like. If it’s legal, you could have a mobile app that sends coupons, SMS texts, or push notifications all using geofencing to target those within a certain range of your location. You may have the option to create a mobile app that takes pre-orders, saving customers time when they come into your store to make the actual purchase. Mobile apps have the ability to work online and well as off, which is especially useful if you’re located in an area with spotty cell phone reception. Creating an offline app allows customers to connect with you continuously. You’re also able to upload information on the fly, such as sales or special offers, without having to request users download a new version of your app.

These are just a few options that demonstrate the versatility of having a mobile app affiliated with your cannabis business. It’s a useful tool for maintaining a connection to your customers even when they’re not in the store.

Apps are more attainable today than ever before

With all these possibilities for a mobile app, you may be thinking about how to get all the functionality you want in an affordable build. Previously, apps were built in two different coding languages to accommodate different devices, making the process costly and time-consuming. INSO uses React Native to build mobile apps, which codes in a single language that naturally converts for use on iOS and Android platforms. Working in one space rather than two, not only saves time and gets your app launched faster, but it also costs you less.

The process of creating an app

After knowing what type of apps are out there to consider as well as that it’s a cost-effective marketing option, the next move is to begin the development process. There are multiple steps to getting a mobile app just right based on capabilities, legalities, and your design. INSO takes the process of app development very seriously, guiding you through this extensive process to create the perfect app:

  • Research — Combining your mobile app idea and INSO’s experience in the cannabis industry, we’ll establish the viability of that idea, analyzing whether or not it aligns with local regulations and making necessary adjustments.
  • Wire framing — This stage starts the collaboration on how the app will function. We diagram the app’s capabilities along with the flow of the user’s experience.
  • Technical check — After finalizing the design and layout of the app we need to ensure it will operate as expected. This can require some back-end work, mostly centered around how the app is coded. Sticking to your specifications for operation, we build out the functionality and check and re-check to ensure everything is operating properly.
  • Prototype review — With the visual and technical pieces done and approved, it’s time to build the final version of the app. This is where we test that all the parts mesh and work properly. You review the app one final time and provide feedback to ensure the finished product matches your expectations.
  • Final Testing — One last check to prepare the app for the public is conducted and last-minute modifications are made if necessary.
  • Deployment — Show off your mobile app to all your friends and customers, asking them download it from their iPhone or Android because it’s live.

Throughout these key stages of app creation we review, modify, test, and collect feedback, constantly polishing the app to its end result. This thorough process allows us to share our expertise in building mobile apps for the cannabis industry with you as you continue to establish your business’ presence in your local community.

INSO builds a complete marketing strategy

As just one part of a complete marketing strategy, INSO can not only get your mobile app built and launched, but we also support the development of your brand, website, and signage. Our complete marketing package gives you the visibility your business needs to hit the ground running. Our services don’t stop once the marketing strategy is complete. Our advanced network of vendors coupled with our extensive team of knowledgeable employees allows us to offer support with finding property, purchasing equipment, maintaining legal operation, and building out a staff. Contact us today to learn how our end-to-end consulting services can benefit your cannabis business.

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