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Cannabis Business Signage

Cannabis Business Signage

The best way to announce your business to the local community is by putting up a sign. Even a banner saying, “Coming soon….” drums up curiosity and puts people on watch for the grand opening announcement. Your main storefront sign can do a lot to support your professional brand when opening a cannabis business as well. The style and materials used can evoke certain feelings you want customers associating with your brand, so it’s important to be conscientious in your choices.

A beacon to bring in customers

The main sign for your dispensary helps reaffirm your brand. Whether it includes your logo or just the store’s name, you have an opportunity to create something associated with the experience you offer inside. Should your sign look high-brow and intelligent since your customer base already knows a lot about cannabis? Should your sign look a little whimsical and fun since you’re trying to attract people who mostly use cannabis recreationally? Do you want people to take one look at your storefront sign and know your cannabis business takes a progressive approach to the industry? Working with Industry Source Consulting (INSO) to streamline your brand makes choices for signage relatively easy. You’ll already know how you want to influence perceptions before you begin designing your sign.

Material options for the main sign

Deciding on a material is equally important to picking a font the speaks to your brand. Both elements can evoke feelings in your customers, and it’s important they align with the quality customer experience they’ll have once inside your store. Signs are more than just a simple display of the business name these days. You have so many options for materials, including:
Fabric – These signs are often mounted on a framed Lightbox to draw customer attention both day and night. They’re very versatile, but require more upkeep and more frequent replacement than other options since the material isn’t as durable

  • Wood – Giving the impression of a store that’s both rustic and elegant, wood signs can provide an old-fashioned or outdoorsy feel. They’re subject to weather damage, so this material might not be a good option if you live in a city with lots or rain or snow.
  • Metal – Often associated with a sense of style that’s sleek and minimal, metal signs are the best all-weather option. Design allows you to take things in either a modern or retro direction based on the vibe you want your dispensary to have.
  • Neon or LED — The most costly sign choice, but one that definitely makes a statement. Eye-catching both night and day, neon signs are fully customizable. Their only drawback is their fragility. Made of glass, neon signs can get damaged in bad weather. They may not be the best option in places that get a lot of snow.

Ultimately your storefront sign is how you continually promote your business. Regardless of how long you’ve been open, new customers will discover your cannabis shop, and their first impression of your location, the front sign, helps in establishing what they’ll think of you.

Other places signage plays a central role

Strategizing signage design often includes more than just the main, storefront sign. If you’re dispensary is located in a strip mall or office park, there may be a central marquee where you’re able to promote your cannabis business. If you’ve got big, front windows to work with, you might consider banners or posters you can put up to announce special promotions and sales. Within your dispensary, you may want signage that hangs from the ceiling to help people navigate through product once inside. Each of these situations is an opportunity to create signage that aligns with your brand in a way that creates a cohesive strategy.

Design consistency can be as simple as using the same font or colors throughout all your signage. An attention to detail at this level helps with brand recognition. It also helps you think about how signage can improve the in-store experience of your audience. Working with a consulting firm like INSO helps ensure your branding elements flow throughout all the marketing materials you create, including your signage.

INSO does signage right

Because each state has different laws regarding signage for cannabis businesses, it’s important to work with someone who knows how to do things right in your area. The team at INSO not only helps you design signage customized to the legal specifications of your area, but they have an extensive vendor network to custom-build your sign, at a competitive price, based on your design and material requests. Ensuring that the design aligns with your brand, INSO helps you craft signage that affirms who you are as a business as you get things off the ground. Just one component to a complete marketing strategy, INSO is able to support you through the entire process of self-promotion from defining your brand, building your website, or even creating a customized app.

In addition to marketing support, our services extend from end-to-end for your cannabis business, providing property acquisition, legal services, equipment procurement, and help establishing other important areas like human resources. Contact us today to learn more about how our experienced team of consultants can help you.

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