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Cannabis Billboard Advertisements

Cannabis Billboard Advertisements

Outdoor advertising for the cannabis industry is massive because it allows you to make a bold statement that’s highly visible. It provides you with a way to announce yourself as a legal and legitimate business.You can make a simple, straightforward statement, like one company did in Boston. A strategically placed billboard outside of Boston’s Logan International Airport simply read, “Smile Boston. Weed is legal.” You can also alert people to your presence by purchasing billboard space extremely near to your dispensary with some strategic artistic choices. Nothing is more direct than stating who you are with a bold logo and a giant arrow pointing in your direction.

Outdoor vs online advertising

Billboard advertising in general offers great returns on investment when used as a marketing tactic. Within the cannabis industry it’s particularly useful because advertising options are limited due to the nature of the product. Without extensive online advertising capabilities because of legal regulations, taking your message outdoors is a great alternative to consider.

The biggest perk of outdoor advertising is you can’t click away from it. Online ads are great, and very useful, but it’s too easy for someone to quickly scroll past or close the ad window. Most people can’t look away from billboards even if they try. Especially if they’re caught in traffic, it’s a great way to pass the time. In fact, 71 percent of travelers often look at billboards as they pass them. If you think about the traffic that goes through the busiest parts of your area, that percentage could represent a very high number. This level of exposure leads to brand recognition, which brings in revenue. Obtaining visibility at this level is very hard to do through online advertising.

Tips for effective billboard advertising

Utilizing billboards to help promote your cannabis business can really help bring customers in if you do things correctly. There’s a definite strategy to follow when considering the location and design of a billboard. Not just any spot will do, so it’s important to carefully consider your options and work with someone knowledgeable in outdoor advertising. They’ll advise you in key areas such as:

  • Finding a location your audience frequents. Knowing your audience and then searching for billboards along the highways or major roads they most often travel helps you achieve targeted advertising. If most of your audience lives in a certain part of town, consider putting up a billboard there. Don’t be arbitrary in your billboard selection.
  • Using the right color scheme. Grabbing the attention of someone zooming past a billboard is more easily achieved with vibrant, high-contrast colors. Things are easier to read and images are easier to see if you pair them up with a strong background color.
  • Crafting a minimalist message. You may want to say a lot about your business, about the fact that cannabis is legal, but on a billboard, less is more. As fast as people move past billboards, they’re only going to absorb up to seven words of content or less. Any more and they won’t have time to read your entire message. A concise message may seem like a negative, but it’s actually easier for people to remember.
  • Selecting obvious art. If you’re including an image in addition to your logo, be obvious in your selection. Don’t put a dog on your billboard when you’re selling cannabis; there’s no correlation. Be intentional, but don’t feel like you have to have an image on your billboard. Often, a blown-up logo, if expertly designed, does the trick in enhancing brand awareness and will stick in the minds of passersby.

Other outdoor advertising options to consider

Billboards are a great place to start when considering outdoor advertising for your cannabis business, but they’re not the only option you have. Based on the type of community where your audience lives and where you’ve located an authorized location for your dispensary, other choices may better-suit the area.

Outdoor advertising is actually a broad area of advertising which includes items like posters and transit advertising in addition to both print and digital billboards.

  • Posters are great to use in an urban environment with a lot of foot-traffic. Going up on the sides of buildings or other key locations, means more people get your message as they spend their day walking around the city.
  • Transit advertising consists of ads inside stations and at bus /subway stops above ground. They can also go on the outside or inside of transit vehicles. A comprehensive transit advertising campaign allows people to see your ad as they enter their stop, while the bus or subway approaches, as they sit for their ride, and when they exit to their destination. This level of coverage has proven results as well based on the level of exposure.
  • Taxi advertising is another area outdoor advertising takes advantage of, whether you buy space on top of or within a taxi. This is a potential option in cities with a lot of tourism. People unsure of how to get around are more likely to grab a cab outside of their hotel and rely on advertising they see going to and from their destinations to decide where to go next.

Industry Source Consulting and expert outdoor advertising

With partners who have over 30 years of experience working in outdoor advertising, INSO offers you the best options when it comes to acquiring billboards. With contracts with providers like Lamar, Clear Channel, and Outfront Media our experience and connections means we’re able to pass the savings down to you. It also means you’ll get a top-of-the-line experience when it comes to billboard selection and strategic outdoor advertising advice.

INSO is also available to provide support for all your other marketing needs, from brand development to web design to creating your own app. Our team is available to create an entire marketing strategy to help you get your business off the ground. Additionally, our services extend to property acquisition, equipment procurement, and further support in areas like human resources.

Contact INSO today to learn how we’re able to support your cannabis business from end-to-end.

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