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Marketing Consulting

Marketing Consulting

Establishing your cannabis business on the physical side — finding the location, securing equipment, developing product — requires a lot of work too, but nobody will know about it without marketing. This broad term includes so many elements that handling all the marketing on your own can take time away from other professional responsibilities that get the business going. Partnering with a consulting firm like Industry Source Consulting (INSO,) who can guide you through marketing from A to Z, can make the difference in achieving success.

Cannabis Marketing Consulting - INSO Consulting

When you need to start thinking about marketing

Many people new to business ownership begin with the idea for the business. In this case, you’re interested in running a cannabis dispensary, so your thought process starts there. You begin to conceptualize what your actual shop will look like, what supplies are necessary, who of your friends you’d want to hire. You may then jump a little far ahead in the process and begin fantasizing about your success.

Then you back up, because you realize your business doesn’t even have a name. Coming back down to Earth, you start brainstorming, and this is where you need to start thinking about marketing. Even the name of your business has an impact on how you’re perceived by the community and what type of customer you’ll drawn in, yet many people at this early stage are thinking about what they’d like to see on business cards and as a storefront sign. Going from your gut, with something as important as naming your business, is not the right tactic, and working with a consulting firm can help keep you on track.

From the day you begin thinking about your company, marketing strategies are beneficial. At INSO we offer support that guides you through the evolution of your business, keeping marketing principles in mind to help you make educated choices in areas like:

  • Naming
  • Branding
  • Market alignment
  • Marketing plans
  • Signage
  • Marketing materials
  • Public relations

We provide thorough research and testing to ensure your company has the right traction, within legal parameters, for the community where you’ve placed your business. INSO provides these services as they relate to print, digital, and social media strategies to fully cover you in promoting your business.

Cannabis Marketing Consulting - INSO Consulting

Physical merchandise is also marketing

In addition to having you covered within the broad strokes of marketing that help run and promote your cannabis business, INSO also supports endeavors to create physical marketing pieces. From targeted campaigns like direct mail, ads in existing cannabis magazines, and TV commercials, to big statement pieces like billboards, our creative network can create quality content for your business. Within the store, if you’re able to sell merchandise, we can help you produce anything from t-shirts to glass accessories with your logo front and center. Our experience allows us to help you design the right inventory for your dispensary, sharing our advice on what items continually make an impression and help solidify your brand.

Cannabis Marketing Consulting - INSO Consulting

What makes marketing for cannabis a little different

The one element that isn’t yet a part of the marketing plan for cannabis companies, that everyone else can take advantage of, is paid, online advertising. While we closely monitor new marketing avenues and opportunities that allow cannabis ads, right now, most businesses rely on organic SEO for success. This makes the content of your website extremely important and forces you to rely on other marketing strategies to get the word out about your brand. This is why INSO puts so much energy into producing high-quality print pieces and relies heavily on outdoor advertising in states that allow it.

Our dedication to staying on top of changes to marketing and advertising regulations related to cannabis means you’ll know about opportunities as they develop. Not only will we present this information to you as it becomes available, but INSO will help your company strategize the most beneficial way to incorporate them into your current marketing plans.

Cannabis Marketing Consulting - INSO Consulting

The qualified team at INSO

With a team of 25 dedicated individuals whose sole focus is supporting your marketing efforts within the cannabis industry, INSO is here to help. As we guide you through the entire marketing process to ensure a brand identity that brings in the business, we also offer support in property and equipment allocation, legal issues, and establishing other vital areas of your business like human resources. The end-to-end assistance we provide helps you develop a thriving cannabis business. Contact us today to learn more about the vital role marketing can play in your business plan and see how else we can support you.