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Cannabis Staff Sourcing and Human Resources

Cannabis Staff Sourcing and Human Resources

Cannabis companies typically need a large amount of workers for business to successfully run. Work ebbs and flows so not all employees need to be full time, but everyone needs to be a solid, trustworthy, and licensed hire due to the nature of the business. Industry Source Consulting (INSO) can not only assist with finding quality individuals for the myriad positions within a cannabis business, but we’ll ensure everyone is compliant with state licensing so they can legally do the work they’ve been hired to do. Whether employees are full-time or in a contract position, INSO uses our experience in all things related to asset management and consulting within the cannabis industry to help you build a reliable and productive staff.

Cannabis Staff Sourcing & Human Resources - INSO Consulting

Finding reliable employees

The cannabis industry is responsible for creating over 250,000 jobs in the states where it’s legal to sell the product. This means there is a lot of opportunity, possibly more than there are qualified employees. To narrow down the list of applicants for your open positions, you may want to consider:

  • Asking for referrals from your current star employees.
  • Developing a screening process that includes candidates answering tough questions about the job.
  • Sharing job openings in multiple locations to figure out which source brings in the best candidates.
  • Utilizing any niche job boards that focus on opportunities in the cannabis industry as a whole or even specific jobs within the business.
  • Conducting short interviews by phone before deciding to do a face-to-face.
  • Networking at industry events and conferences for leads.

Additionally, you may want to consider experienced professionals as candidates who currently work outside the cannabis industry. People with experience in food and beverage, consumer packaged goods, and retail may have the right skillset to transition into cannabis as a reliable employee.

Matching positions and skills

With a candidate pool quickly growing for open positions, it’s important to carefully review resumes to ensure applicants have the right skills for the job. With our experience in the cannabis industry as a whole, INSO can help narrow down what traits an ideal candidate would have. For example, a bud tender should be personable, with exceptional skills in customer service and sales. A store manager should have previous experience running a dispensary or retail operation. They should pass a background check as well since they’re responsible for hanging large quantities of product and money. A harvester needs to be up to the challenge of a labor-intensive job, and a lab worker needs to fully understand how to use all the relevant machinery like your extractor. Everyone being considered for a management level position should have experience with people reporting to them as well as an understanding of how to keep their area of your business compliant with state laws.

Cannabis Staff Sourcing & Human Resources - INSO Consulting

W2 vs 1099

Once you’re ready to hire, you’ll need to decide whether the individual needs to be a full-time employee or a contract worker in order to get their job done. Some positions like those managing a division within your business will most likely work full-time, while others like those working with the plants may only work seasonally. Full-time workers are categorized as such because you pay them a regular wage, withholding taxes which are reported annually on a W2 tax form. These employees are also entitled to benefits should your company provide them. Contract workers are self-employed according to the IRS, so you must set them up via a 1099 tax form. How you pay these employees is based on the contract you have with them, but you still withhold taxes. This is all reported on the 1099 at the end of the year.

Tax forms are prepared at the start of the following year and must be mailed out to every employee by January 31st to be compliant with federal law. Generating tax forms is easy with the help of a reliable accounting team, such as the folks at INSO.

Cannabis Staff Sourcing & Human Resources - INSO Consulting

Building a strong team with the help of INSO

INSO is able to consult and assist you throughout the entire process of searching, interviewing, and hiring employees. We can help you locate the best candidates and ensure the new hires are operating legally according to your state laws. With an extensive background in every area of a cannabis business, we fully understand what it takes to perform each job, and can help define the necessary qualities for each position as you look for an ideal candidate to fill the role. Building a strong team helps get your company up and running. In addition, to helping manage human resources, INSO’s end-to-end services extend into property acquisition, equipment procurement, legal support, and marketing strategizing. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you succeed in the cannabis industry.