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Cannabis Product Development Consulting

Cannabis Product Development Consulting

​Even if your knowledge of the cannabis industry is limited, the growing opportunities in this area may entice you to want to get involved. You decide you want to create a product for the cannabis market. The first step is to decide what that is. What follows is an intricate process of taking your idea from abstract to reality, and Industry Source Consulting (INSO) can help you every step of the way.

From manufacturing and design to branding and marketing to all the legalities of creating a new product, INSO has the expert personnel and extensive vendor connections to help you succeed. Working solely within the cannabis industry, INSO is well-versed in all the rules and regulations related to every element of a cannabis business within every state where selling is legal. Our end-to-end array of services can support your cannabis product development every step of the way.

Cannabis Product Development Consulting - INSO Consulting

Picking a product

The options are more varied than you may think when it comes to cannabis product development. You aren’t limited to just items that have cannabis in them. In addition to developing a unique edible or new genetic strain of plant, you could also create:

  • Agricultural technology.
  • Relevant software.
  • Vape products.
  • Flavored cartridges.
  • Cannabis-related apps.
  • … And the list goes on.

You can put your talents to work within the cannabis industry and create something totally unique. If you’re an amateur botanist, you may concentrate on plant genetics, if you enjoy being in the kitchen, you might create an edible. If you’re more technologically savvy, creating a mobile app or unique piece of software may sound like an attractive option for you. There’s so much more to a cannabis business than the marijuana, which is why you don’t have to be an expert in the plants to create a product that positively impacts the business.

Cannabis Product Development Consulting - INSO Consulting

Branding and marketing your product

As your product gets produced, you may want to put some time into branding and marketing, so that once the product is available, people will know about it. Creating a brand is about more than designing a logo or product name, although those elements are important. It’s also about how your customers feel about your product. Is their interaction positive? Do they feel like you’re selling them a high-quality item? Taking the customer experience into consideration, and how you’ll ensure they have a good one, helps solidify confidence in your brand/product and keeps customers coming back.

Overall, marketing strategies within the cannabis industry, unlike branding, are slightly different than those you see for other products due to legal limitations for online advertising. This doesn’t mean you can’t promote your product. Crafting a social media campaign, producing dynamic signage, and considering print advertising in cannabis magazines can have a significant impact on sales.

INSO offers services in both branding and marketing to help you get the word out about your product as it becomes available for purchase. Our focus on the customer experience helps you create effective strategies that positively impact your profit margins. Not only that, but we’re able to assess where demand will be highest for your product and help you market to targeted audiences.

Cannabis Product Development Consulting - INSO Consulting

Benefitting from partnership

As a complete cannabis consulting firm, INSO can make a difference in your product development. We’re able to delve into our extensive network of professionals to put you in touch with app developers, manufacturers, industrial designers, or whoever you need to help take your idea and make it a reality. From concept to completion, our goal is to get your creation into the customer’s hands. Contact us today to learn more about how our extensive services can get you through cannabis product development.