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Cannabis Opperations Consulting

Cannabis Opperations Consulting

Running a business means you’re responsible for things running smoothly. Not only that, but you have to handle any issues that arise, strategize ways to continually improve, and stay on top of breakthroughs in your industry. You do all this while trying to stay competitive in a crowded market and ensure the profitability of your business.

At times, keeping track of everything on your own can become too big a task. You may not have anyone on staff with enough industry knowledge to help shoulder the responsibilities. If you find yourself in this situation, Industry Source Consulting (INSO) can help. We consist of an expert team operating within the cannabis industry. We remain on the cusp of new products, regulatory issues, and the latest methods for increasing business in the industry. Sharing this knowledge with you as well as passing along best practices that pertain specifically to your business, INSO helps optimize the health of your operation.

The basic rundown of operations

For any store, regardless of what product it sells, operations encompasses a pretty standard set of items:

  • Store design.
  • Display set up.
  • Customer service.
  • Shoplifting prevention.
  • General site maintenance.
  • Staff training and management.
  • Inventory optimization.
  • Vendor relationships.

This may even be an incomplete list in the grand scheme of things, but as you can see, everything impacting the success of your store fits into operations.

Strategies for operations management

A successful business owner comes to the conclusion at some point or another that they can’t do everything themselves. You learn to value the art of prioritizing in order to reign in the constant barrage of activity. Between ordering inventory, staying caught up on industry trends and developments, setting up the store, and properly training employees you realize you need to shift some work over to someone else. You can’t do all of this and address the loss prevention issue you’ve noticed, yet it can’t be ignored. Prioritizing helps you focus on the items only you can do, while passing off the other items to qualified individuals like the team at INSO.

Receiving support from INSO frees you up. You no longer have to give every issue a little bit of your attention. Instead, you can pick the major issues to address with your full attention.

INSO helps solve problems

As consultants, INSO works to remedy any issue that can arise during regular operations such as those related to human resources or equipment functionality. We’ll address customer service issues and help keep track of product. Working through the logistics, we’re able to help keep your business moving forward, bringing in profits as more customers come through the door. For example:

  • If the product appears to go missing or it’s getting harder to properly track the cannabis you’re selling, our team comes in and analyzes operations to help. We look at how employees are performing and make recommendations for work to go more effectively toward ensuring profitability. If we notice that too much product is sitting out in the store itself, we’ll advise you to reconfigure your space so that most product sits safely in a protected area. We’ll advise on a set up that still keeps the storefront enticing.
  • If you’re not getting a great performance from employees when it comes to customer service we can help you develop a strategy that puts staff on the floor instead of behind the registers. With the goal of building the customer experience so they keep coming back, we’ll assist you in training employees to remain attentive in a memorable way while helping keep customer flow continuous.

Within all areas of operation, ISNO has someone qualified on the team to help.

Take the pressure off

With the cannabis business moving so fast the consulting services at INSO take the pressure off of you to solve every issue yourself. Especially if you don’t have the time to give each issue the attention it deserves, we’re here to supplement your work in order to maintain operations. Not only that, but our end-to-end services support property acquisition, equipment procurement, marketing efforts, and legal compliance. We’ve got you covered the whole way. Contact us today to learn more.W

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