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Cannabis Logistics

Cannabis Logistics

​Perhaps one of the most important parts of your cannabis business is the logistics involved in moving anything and everything around. This includes actual cannabis, cannabis property, cannabis funds, and other associated sundry items. If you’re trying to transport product from the grow facility to the manufacturing facility or from manufacturing to a dispensary, how the product gets from one destination to another must happen legally, safely, and securely.

The devil is in the details when it comes to logistics since any misstep can put your business at risk. Whether it impacts your bottom line or gets you into legal trouble, cannabis logistics should be treated with care. Industry Source Consulting (INSO) offers complete support when it comes to managing the movement of anything in the cannabis industry. From product to cash, we have processes in place to maximize efficiency and a vetted pool of vendors to offer assistance. We help you develop a logistics roadmap to ensure you’re complying with the laws related to transport within your specific state.

Cannabis Logistics - INSO Consulting

Product logistics

Moving finished product from one location to another must take place in an approved vehicle. The person driving has to have a license to handle cannabis. If you’re flying product from one side of a state to another, you need to understand the laws for transport by air. This includes how to successfully get through TSA once at the airport. Properly packaging, loading, unloading, and more all factor into the logistics of transporting product and INSO can help navigate the entire process for you. Knowing what’s required regardless of how you’re moving product, we can prepare you for any hurdles you may encounter while minimizing the risk for issues.

Cannabis Logistics - INSO Consulting

Cash logistics

A cannabis business can’t always put their money in a bank. This leads to figuring out the logistics for keeping the sizable amount of cash most dispensaries work in safe. Keeping it in your store isn’t really the best option, so you need an alternative that can protect your money while keeping it accessible to you. INSO contracts with an armored car service which picks up cash every day and transports it to a secure vault. The money stays liquid, but is securely stored off-site. Every Friday, for example, they’d deliver payroll in cash if that’s how you decide to pay employees. Cash reserves are also available to cover normal expenses like paying bills. With a simple call, expressing how much you need and what it’s for, the company can help facilitate payment.

INSO put a lot of effort into establishing this practice to manage the cash logistics for cannabis businesses. Through regular use, this strategy has proven most effective in protecting the profits of dispensaries who can’t use a bank to manage funds.

Cannabis Logistics - INSO Consulting

Cultivation logistics

Sometimes the final product isn’t what you need to ship. As a grower, you may need to send clones to another location within your state. Logistics ensures the clones move safely and securely to remain alive in transit. Because there isn’t a lot of insurance options for moving cannabis plants, protecting them en route is extremely essential. This means having the right trucking partner who understands proper packaging and other requirements to keep plants safe. They also need to be licensed to transport cannabis. INSO has the right vendors to maintain the logistics and successfully deliver your plants.

Cannabis Logistics - INSO Consulting

The logistics roadmap

Without a logistics roadmap your business could end even before it begins. Managing this information properly ensures your operational strategies include what happens to product within your store as well as when it’s on the move. INSO works to consult on strategies that comply with cannabis regulations and include how logistics play into daily operations.

Don’t be afraid to adjust this roadmap as your business grows. Continually evaluating how your logistics run allows you to incorporate new information as it becomes available such as:

  • New banks that are friendly to cannabis businesses.
  • New shipping companies or transit lines licensed to transport product.
  • The legalization of interstate commerce.
  • Changes in cannabis transportation laws at the state level.

Revisiting your roadmap often keeps you in the loop with everything that goes into the movement of your cannabis materials. Working with INSO to review logistics keeps you caught up on what’s new, what’s changed, and how it impacts your business. Contact INSO today to learn how we can assist you, end-to-end, with your cannabis business from logistics to operations to marketing, property, and equipment. We’re here to help you get your cannabis business off the ground.