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Cannabis Legal Resources

Cannabis Legal Resources

There are forty-two states in the US that currently allow the legal sale of cannabis. More states will eventually join the list, but laws within each state are significantly different. Maintaining a grasp on all the rules and regulations affecting you and your cannabis business can get tricky. The attorneys at Industry Source Consulting (INSO) are well-versed in cannabis law within every state where it’s legal to sell because that’s where they live. From drafting leases or purchase documents to reviewing contracts and establishing payroll, we’re here to provide legal resources and assistance. Anything relevant throughout the entire process of running your business is an opportunity for our legal team to share cannabis legal resources.

Cannabis Legal Resources - INSO Consulting


INSO specializes in all issues dealing with the legal cannabis industry. State, county, and city laws can impact even the smallest operational piece of your business, but the biggest aspect where legal advice is essential is in compliance. Our outstanding legal team knows all the unique rules, regulations, and license requirements necessary to keep your business running properly. We can prepare you to handle any hurdles to getting business off the ground, helping you set up your cannabis company to successfully align with all current regulations.

Compliance is important because operational regulations are closely monitored. A performance audit could happen at any time, and a lack of compliance can lead to hefty fees and even a shutdown of your operation.

Cannabis Legal Resources - INSO Consulting

Regulatory audits

After obtaining your license, you’ll need to prepare for regulatory audits. These help ensure you’re complying with all the relevant laws. INSO can help you with your business set-up to maximize compliance, but audits will still most likely take place. You can get audited before, during, and after you’ve received your business license. Audits of this sort confirm you are complying with state and federal tax regulations, consumer protection laws, and food and safety regulations.

During an audit, you’ll need to demonstrate any number of things for your auditor, including:

  • Having relevant forms and documentation.
  • Maintaining detailed records.
  • Installing basic security measures to protect you business.
  • Production practices and how you transport plants.
  • Testing practices and product packaging and label design.
  • FDA compliance as it pertains to edibles.

What you’re asked about depends on what stage of development your business is currently in, whether you already have a license or are already selling to customers.

Cannabis Legal Resources - INSO Consulting

A legal partner you can trust

The legal team at INSO is used to practicing on behalf of your best interests as a cannabis business owner. We know the applicable laws you must adhere to in all areas, including marketing, licensing, signage, and more. Regular corporate lawyers aren’t necessarily trained in the special regulations associated with the cannabis industry which is why you need someone specially qualified. Our knowledge in existing, relevant case law can help clarify those laws difficult to interpret on their own, which ensures your business is in compliance. Contact INSO today to learn how our cannabis legal resources can benefit the growth of your business from end-to-end.