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Cannabis Genetics Consulting

Cannabis Genetics Consulting

Breaking into the cannabis business with a focus on cannabis genetics has a high appeal for many people. The desire to develop the next major brand not only gives you a competitive advantage in a usually crowded market, but it helps improve your bottom line. If you can create a unique plant strain your customers really want, business can boom.

It’s a complicated and very specific process to mastermind your own strain of cannabis. Parent plants need careful selection and there’s usually a lengthy testing period to ensure you get the genetics just right for the ideal strain. At Industry Source Consulting (INSO) our highly-knowledgeable geneticists and scientists can help you figure out where to start in building the right strain of cannabis, and guide you through the entire process. Our lab team has studied cannabis genetics for over four years, establishing expertise that can help you get exactly what you want, chemically, out of your plants. 

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Mapping cannabis DNA

A new genetic map of cannabis was finally completed recently. With nearly 25,000 genes mapped within cannabis’ 10 chromosomes, this information has the potential to greatly impact plant development. The map shows you the locations of desirable genes, that can improve the effectiveness of the breeding process. This aids in your selection of parent plants and helps speed up cannabis genetics development.

Creating a more scientific and tailored process, this map will most likely transform cannabis breeding, allowing you to really customize product to suit the needs of your customers.

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Gathering the components of a perfect plant

Knowing where to find the best genes is only part of the process. You also have to decide what elements you want in your new strain. The best place to start is with existing plants. What features of plants currently selling in your area do you like the most? Which ones would appeal most to your customers? Is there a gap in the market that some new combination of genetics can fill? You should know, in advance, what you want your ideal plant to be like, what flavor you’d like it to have, how high of a THC level you’d like in it. Making a wish list of specifications for your new strain can help narrow down your parent plant options and help you begin thinking about which plants you’d like for your parents.

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Beginning to breed

After selecting the parent strains, it’s time to set up your breeding environment. You ideally want one male plant and up to 20 female plants within one single breeding chamber. This enclosed, sterile environment helps contain the pollen released by the male plant, ensuring only the females you’ve selected have access to it. Once pollinated, the female plants produce seeds, containing the genetic material of both parents, which are ready for planting and harvesting. It’s good to note that more traits typically come from the female plant when breeding takes place, so make your parent selections wisely.

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Maintaining support through plant development

Combining knowledge with extensive research, the scientific team at INSO is ready to help you build that perfect strain of cannabis. We know what features of existing strains in your area perform best as well as what sells the most. Sharing this information with you can help narrow down which plants you may want to use in creating your new strain. Additionally, our expert botanists and geneticists have extensive experience in building new plant strains. Many of our team began work in the orchid industry which is constantly reinventing itself with new strains. This experience transfers seamlessly into the cannabis industry to efficiently create your new strain of plant.

Once you’ve perfected your seeds and are ready to grow, INSO can offer additional services to help get your business off the ground. From property acquisition, to equipment procurement, to marketing, legal, and operational support, we’re able to provide end-to-end consulting for your cannabis business. Contact us today to learn more about all the ways we can help your cannabis business succeed.