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Cannabis Site Selection

Cannabis Site Selection

Starting a cannabis business means finding a location. Easier said than done. Unlike planning for other businesses, you can’t just select any site and begin growing or selling cannabis commercially. In most states where selling cannabis is legal, there are more areas where you can’t legally have a cannabis business than where you can.

Forty-two states legally allow you to sell cannabis whether medicinal or recreational or both. However, each state has different regulations as to where you can place your business. This makes the site search harder, especially if you’re working alone, but Industry Source Consulting (INSO) can help. With expert knowledge in cannabis property regulations throughout the country, we’ll walk you through the rigors of selecting the right, authorized site for your cannabis business.

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Proper zoning for cannabis business sites

Zoning is often a major hurdle when narrowing down potential sites for your cannabis operation. Most states, cities, and counties limit where you can physically operate, with different rules throughout the country. While there are a few general site limitations to take into consideration, it’s important to work with a consulting team that knows all the laws in your local area, especially the uncommon ones.

In general, the site for your cannabis business is subject to being:

  • At least 1,000 feel from schools, childcare facilities, and parks.
  • Within the approved number of total cannabis stores and grow sites in the local area.
  • A specified distance from residential property, correctional facilities, and halfway houses.

Your site may also have to be a certain distance from any other cannabis business. There are also countries that ban cannabis businesses all together, so it’s important to know where you can’t look as much as where you can.

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Search authorized sites

Once you’re fully aware of the local regulations related to site selection for a cannabis-based business, you’ll better understand where it’s okay to look. Sites are typically pre-approved for cannabis businesses based on zoning and existing authorization. Whether a building is already there or it’s just land, INSO can help you discern whether it’s a feasible site to use as a dispensary or grow facility. Our input into your search cuts back on the time it takes to narrow down your options since you’ll only look at sites already authorized for a commercial cannabis business. Hunting on your own increases the risk that the property you find won’t turn out to be a legal site for your business.

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The support your need through the site search and beyond

As a full-service consulting firm, dedicated to supporting cannabis companies throughout their entire run as a business, INSO offers end-to-send service options. Even if you’re new to starting a business, or know very little about the cannabis industry as a whole, we’re here to help get your business off the ground. Our services go beyond site selection to acquiring the necessary equipment and materials, to supporting marketing efforts and coordinating operations and personnel. Our expert legal team is also available to share their knowledge and offer help regardless of where you open your business. We’re well-versed in the laws and regulations of every state. Contact INSO today to learn more about how we can support you through the intricate process of being a cannabis start up.