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Cannabis Dispensary Design

Cannabis Dispensary Design

As of February 2018, High Times noted there were over 16,000 recreational dispensaries across those states where it’s legal to sell. Oregon tops the list, with Colorado following closely behind. Add in the medical marijuana dispensaries, and the number jumps to over 21,000. It’s easy to see that a lot of people are really excited about being involved in the cannabis industry, however getting off the ground is about more than finding a place and planting a product. Certain key details in design deserve close attention to ensure your cannabis business runs as efficiently as possible.

When it comes to dispensary design, there are many tax laws in place that make it more cost effective to lay out your store in a particular way. These laws differ between states where selling cannabis is already legal. Using your design to minimize taxes can get complicated, but the designers at Industry Source Consulting (INSO) can help. Not only that, but our legal team, well-versed in tax law regardless of what state you operate in, are here to help. Together, we find the balance between a dispensary design that saves you money and turns a profit. 

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From the tax perspective

When thinking about dispensary design, it’s important your layout won’t lead to additional costs or taxes. This mainly means keeping your cannabis physically separate from the rest of the merchandise in your dispensary. Having a design that breaks up the storefront into obvious sections allows you to write off anything within the dispensary cannabis doesn’t touch. If your design puts the cannabis in only 25 percent of your store space, with the rest holding apparel or other merchandise, you can write off all inventory in 75 percent of your store.

Working with tax laws like this in your dispensary design means paying close attention to where everything will go in your store. The expert team at INSO applies their extensive legal knowledge to share money-saving strategies, like this, with you. It all comes together to create a tax-friendly dispensary.

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From a design perspective

With design limitations in place to keep taxes low, the next step is to view your dispensary design from the perspective of a retailer. At this angle, design is about bringing in business. This is about setting a tone for your dispensary, that you’re a knowledgeable and professional business. The architects and designers affiliated with INSO are able to come in, evaluate your space, and offer suggestions on design to create an effective flow for customers.

Creating an optimal space for selling includes keeping your design open, clean, and uncluttered. You want customers to have an experience within your dispensary where they feel it’s easy to navigate between product and merchandise. You may even want to apply a minimalist approach to your design to ensure you keep things simple and lean as you put the finishing touches on your layout plan.

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Don’t forget about branding

Creating your company brand is about more than having cohesive signage and a memorable logo that announces who you are. These are important elements, but branding is really about how the customer feels when they interact with your business. A positive experience is a memorable experience, and this leads to brand recognition and loyalty. How easy it is for a customer to navigate through your dispensary, how knowledgeable do they feel the staff is, how quickly can they run in and make a purchase — all of these elements influence what someone thinks about your business. Give them a space they enjoy being in, with people who understand what good customer service is, and you’ll leave customers with good feelings toward your brand. Design your dispensary in a way that creates an unpleasant time for customers, and your brand may not be one people want to revisit.

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INSO helps design an inviting space from the outside in

Understanding how to optimize your dispensary design is essential. The design choices you make allow you to run a business that makes a profit because of a positive customer experience, while conforming to all the regulations placed on the cannabis industry. INSO offers support through our designers, architects, and legal team all working together to get your business off the ground. Additionally, our services extend beyond design to include support with property acquisition, equipment procurement, marketing planning, and operational performance. To learn more about how our end-to-end services can help your cannabis business, contact INSO today.