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Cannabis Light Leasing

Cannabis Light Leasing

In order to grow cannabis in a safe, indoor environment, you need a lot of light. This can get expensive for a number of reasons, but primarily because of the lighting system you’ll need. Establishing the right lights, and how many, you’ll need for top production requires you to look at the size of your property, from square footage to ceiling heights. This helps narrow down what type of light will most likely work best in your space. From there, you need to do research on specific bulb types and brands. It can get overwhelming. The sheer amount of choice can cause you to second-guess decisions and worry about costs.

You don’t have to go about making these decisions on your own. The knowledgeable team at Industry Source Consulting (INSO) can help. Our experience in all aspects of the cannabis industry makes us experts at evaluating a business’ specifications and making appropriate recommendations for a variety of equipment. Our extensive network of vendors allows us to find the best lighting equipment for the lowest price, and pass the savings on to you. We even collect feedback from our growers, testers, and manufactures to affirm your lighting system will produce the best results for your business.

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Cannabis lighting 101

Your space, the building dimensions, even the strain you’re growing impacts your lighting system. Taking all of these factors into consideration, INSO applies them to a special algorithm to decide the best option for your particular grow. Our recommendation is double-checked by our expert growers to ensure we’re pointing you in the right direction. Typically, suggestions for which lighting to use falls into one of three key lighting categories.

  • Fluorescent grow lights are popular because they offer efficient and pleasant lighting for people, in addition to the plants. They don’t use a lot of electricity, and are often inexpensive. These lights are good in tight spaces, or buildings with lower ceilings, since the bulbs can safely get close to plants. This type of light is best for plants that grow short and flat, and is a great option for clones and young plants.
  • High intensity discharge grow lights are more efficient than fluorescents, but they can get hot. While a great light to grow cannabis, they need to be hooked up to an exhaust to help vent the heat. These bulbs are often mounted with a hood to direct more light down to the plants. This is a great option at the flower stage of your grow process.
  • LED grow lights are a very popular alternative, among cannabis growers, to high intensity bulbs. LEDs tend to run at lower temperatures because they typically come with built-in cooling. Smaller sets simply plug into a wall for easy installation. They offer great light penetration and don’t often require adjusting. They still produce heat and need venting, but the built-in cooling system helps keep that heat away from the plants. Still, it’s a good rule of thumb to keep a sizable amount of space between bulb and bud.
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Hidden costs of lighting

Evaluating your lighting choices to find the best system to maximize growth per square foot is the first step in preparing your lighting budget. Once you know the types of bulbs you want to use, you can begin pricing out the lights you’ll need as well as the additional accessories like hoods, vents, and exhaust systems. This gets you a base cost, but there are a few additional expenses associated with lighting to consider. The biggest is electricity. Having the right lights is great, but nothing happens if you can’t afford to power them. Electricity costs can average about $55,000 per year, with about 56 percent of that total going toward powering just the lights.

Your light budget needs to factor in the cost of running the lights. Factoring this in may bring you to the realization that you can’t afford to purchase all the lighting equipment you need. INSO understands this to be a common situation cannabis business operators find themselves in, and offer financing options as a result.

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How financing with INSO works

Financing your lighting system with INSO allows us to provide you with the help you need to get the greatest yield. We’re able to lease you lights to suit all of your specific needs, with recommendations aligned to the latest technological developments. After a credit check and due diligence period, we put a lien on your license as well as the actual lighting equipment to secure our investment. This allows us to assure the interest of our investors while supporting your potential for success. To learn more about cannabis equipment financing, as well as our additional services in the legal aspects of the industry, acquiring property, and establishing marketing and human resources strategies, contact INSO today.