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Cannabis extractor Leasing

Cannabis Extractor Leasing

One of the single biggest capital expenses when it comes to cannabis manufacturing is the extraction machine. They range pretty significantly in price, but can cost around $300,000 at the top of the spectrum. Narrowing down your options, and making sure you’re getting a quality machine for the right price is a time-consuming process. Industry Source Consulting (INSO) can help. Our industry knowledge and extensive network of vendors allows us to find the best equipment for the lowest price, and pass the savings on to you. Additionally, we collect feedback from our growers, testers, and manufactures to assure the extractor you use will produce the best results for your business.

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Extractors 101

An extractor is just like a giant juicer. Marijuana goes into the extractor in its raw form, where it’s treated with a particular extraction method, before dripping out as oil on the other end. Ten pounds of raw product typically yield one pound of oil. The oil is used for things like vape pens or edibles. Certain strains make it possible to extract oil multiple times from the same plant. The THC level increases with each extraction, giving you variety in the potency of your products.

There are three primary extraction methods based on the solvent used in the extraction process. The raw plant soaks into the solvent where plant material is separated out. The remaining liquid is filtered and the solvent removed, leaving you with the oil. This is an important process, and the solvent you pick matters, because any leftover chlorophyll in your oil can cause your products to taste bitter.

  • Alcohol as a solvent is gaining in popularity because there’s no risk of toxic residuals mixing with the oil. Carefully controlling temperature during the extraction allows for the alcohol to fully evaporate during the process.
  • Carbon dioxide is used as a solvent in a unique way. CO2 is put under high heat and high pressure to turn it supercritical. In this phase, it simultaneously becomes a liquid and a gas. After extraction is complete the CO2 goes into a condenser where it’s transformed back into liquid. Once in this state it can easily be filtered out and reused. Any residual CO2 naturally evaporates from your oil. This method is gaining in popularity because it can produce higher yields than using alcohol without expending as much valuable material. You’re also able to adjust temperature, pressure, and runtime in order to extract different compounds from your plants.
  • Butane presents a few hazards when used as the solvent in an extractor, primarily because it’s highly flammable. Butane burns easily in its gas phase, which is what the liquid transforms into after extraction is complete. For this reason, temperatures must be carefully monitored. Another negative against using butane is that it’s highly toxic to people. Extractions should receive regular testing to ensure no butane residue made it into the oil. While this has been a popular method of extraction, it’s becoming a less desirable choice.

Other methods of extraction exist, and INSO can help you figure out which strategy is best for you before assisting with procuring the right supplies.

The hidden cost of cannabis extraction

Hidden costs of an extractor

The cost to your business of purchasing an extractor is more than just the price tag on the equipment. Your extractor can impact your insurance costs since it needs to have coverage. It can also impact the overall cost of your business since the quality of the machine’s output can mess with your bottom line. Needing to balance cost with quality means looking at a lot of different options, but INSO can help match the right extractor to your specific business needs. Reviewing location, size, and overall budget, INSO can assist you in finding the best extractor at the right price. Our financing options give you access to machines that may seem out of your reach so you don’t have to sacrifice quality.

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How financing Cannabis Extractors with INSO works

After working together to identify the right extractor for your business, INSO is ready to help you with financing options. We run a credit check and set up a due diligence period to assess the viability of the lease. We then put a lien on your license as well as the actual machine to protect the investment of leasing the extractor to you. This allows us to insulate our investors while supporting your potential for success. To learn more about financing any equipment you may need for your cannabis business, as well as our additional services in legal, property, marketing, and human resources, contact INSO today.