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Cannabis Compliance and Regulatory Support

Cannabis Compliance and Regulatory Support

The first thing you may feel inundated with when starting a cannabis business is the red tape. Legal in a significant number of U.S. states, selling cannabis both medically and recreationally is closely monitored by state, county, and local laws and regulations. Not to mention the federal government still classifying it as illegal. There’s so much legality to watch out for that it’s impossible to do it alone. The great thing is, you don’t have to because Industry Source Consulting (INSO) is here to help. Of all the areas where you might try to go it alone, ensuring compliance with all regulations associated with selling cannabis isn’t one of them. There is too much to keep track of, and each state handles things differently.

With a legal team that’s second-to-none, INSO is comfortable working with the cannabis laws in every state. We know all the unique rules, regulations, and license requirements to ensure your business is begun properly. Knowing all the hurdles you’ll face, in advance, we’re able to prepare you to navigate the process of starting a cannabis business successfull.

The INSO Consulting Process at work in the cannabis business

The INSO process

Coming to INSO at the very start of establishing your business is optimal. At this early stage, our consultants sit down with you and run you through everything to expect as your business progresses. We offer our advice on how to navigate your start-up, looking at variables like location, what state you’re in, and local laws and regulations. Even if you don’t have a license yet, we’ll walk you through the experience hypothetically to ensure you’re ready when the time comes.

Sharing our knowledge with you, from previous experiences all within the cannabis industry, means cutting down the time you’ll spend setting up your business. We pass our expertise and knowledge on to you to ensure you do things correctly right from the start.

Cannabis FDA Compliance Consulting - INSO Consulting (INSO)

FDA compliance

One area in particular overrun with details to keep track of is maintaining FDA compliance when you launch your cannabis business. Deserving of special attention and professional support, INSO can help you navigate this complicated set of rules. Maintaining FDA compliance means specific things have to happen when you generate outward-facing communication about your products. There are certain claims you just can’t make. You cannot make unsubstantiated claims about cannabis when it comes to medical treatments. For instance, while it may help with certain illnesses, you cannot claim it cures anything or will for certain make you feel better.

Also highly regulated by the FDA is what information goes on the label of a cannabis product. You’ll most likely also need to make room on your label for a complete list of ingredients and dietary supplement facts. You can’t make any health claims on the label, but you can promote how consumers use the product. Just make sure not to reference any medical terms or outcomes.

Cannabis State Laws and Regulations Consulting - INSO Consulting

State laws and local regulations

At the local level, whether it’s state, county, or the city where your cannabis business sits, you’ll have even more regulations to keep track of and follow. These are closely monitored and you must adhere to them to successfully operate your business. Having a consultant fully aware of the laws at this level is imperative since they’re not all obvious. You wouldn’t want to have to halt business because of a law so unique you didn’t know it existed. Most states have them, including:

  • Connecticut, where it’s illegal for marijuana dispensaries to have illuminated signs.
  • Nevada, where dispensary signs can only legally use two different fonts total.
  • Washington D.C., where it’s illegal to sell medical marijuana anywhere that also sells gasoline or that offers auto repair.

Not your typical laws when you think about regulations related to cannabis, but equally important to follow. INSO helps ensure you know about all the laws impacting how you run your operation to ensure full compliance.

Not only can INSO equip you with everything you need to know for your business, our services extend to providing access to everything you may need for successful operation. We can help you get off the ground with support in property acquisition, equipment procurement, marketing strategizing, and operations review. Our end-to-end services cover you the whole way. Contact us today to learn more.