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Cannabis Business Planning

Cannabis Business Planning

Organizing any business requires you the coordination of a long list of elements. While it begins with planning and strategizing, eventually you’re managing daily operations and logistics. This doesn’t include the time you’ll have to spend problem-solving, hiring personnel, and remaining competitive in the crowded cannabis market.

Creating a solid foundation with your business plan is the best way to start the hectic lifestyle of being a business owner. Whether new to building a business or an experienced entrepreneur, Industry Source Consulting (INSO) can support you through the cannabis business planning process. Our expert team is thoroughly experienced when it comes to working within the cannabis industry. We remain on the cusp of all things connected to running an efficient business from new products, regulation changes, and the latest best practices. Our knowledge and experience helps you maximize the implementation of your business plan.

Cannabis Business Planning and Consulting with INSO Consulting

Giving your business an identity

Once you’ve planned for your space and your materials, the next step is to strategize how to market your business to the local community. Including a marketing blueprint in your business plan will help guide you as you establish your business. This may not be an area you’re fully comfortable in, but INSO offers support that helps you keep marketing principles in mind when thinking about your company name, how to brand it, what signage you’ll have, where you’ll promote your business, and more. We provide thorough research and market testing to give your company the right traction, within legal parameters, for the community where you’ve placed your business.

Cannabis Business Consulting with INSO Consulting

Maintaining daily operations

The last key piece to your business plan is how things will run day-to-day. This includes planning for employees as well as establishing procedures and training in areas like customer service, loss prevention, site maintenance, and inventory optimization. You’ll also want to create a plan for how product will flow into your shop and how cash will flow out. From logistics to human resources, INSO helps build strategies, based on the best practices of existing business owners, to drive profits up by keeping customers coming through the door. Within all areas of operation, we have qualified personnel who can help you succeed.

Cannabis Business Plans from INSO Consulting

Completing your cannabis business plan

These primary components of business planning are really just the start. It’s good to lay the foundation to take you through getting your business up and running, but realize things change on the fly. You’ll need your business plan to be a little fluid to accommodate change, but with INSO as your consulting partner, no changes are unmanageable. With qualified teams to support you in property acquisition and equipment procurement and advise you on marketing, operations, and human resources, INSO has your business covered from end-to-end. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you take your business plan and turn it into a success.

Cannabis Operations Management Consulting from INSO Consulting

Organizing the initial planning stages

Building a cannabis business typically starts with the idea. Do you want to run a dispensary, grow plants, manufacture products, or do a little bit of everything? Regardless, the next step is to research where to put your facility. Including in your business plan actual costs for approved sites where it’s legal to place a cannabis business can help you get a better idea of the big picture. Each state, city, and county has their own set of zoning regulations for a cannabis business. These restrictions usually define how close you can sell cannabis to educational facilities, public land, or residential areas. Knowing where you can find pre-approved sites for your business makes the search that much easier and INSO can help. This research, within your business plan, demonstrates you’re aware of the legal restrictions you’ll face and that you’re prepared to work with them.

Next, your business plan should include a breakdown of the equipment you’ll need to get your business off the ground. Whether it’s special manufacturing equipment, particular strains of plants, lighting, cultivation equipment, or an extractor, the costs of acquiring everything you need can quickly exceed your budget. INSO can help you update your business plan to include realistic costs for your materials. We work with you to properly assess the needs of your business, and then help you find the right equipment that won’t break the bank.