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Our network works for you

The hardest thing to do as a small business is get started. Time is a very valuable asset, one that quickly ticks away as the to-do list grows and grows. A large part of your time, as a new business owner, ends up in making phone calls. You need to spend time building relationships with vendors, talking to everyone and finding out where the best deals are and who’ll prove to be a good long-term partner.

Professional Cannabis Consultant INSO

The best way to make it through your long list of necessary things to launch your business is to find ways to save time. At Industry Source Consulting (INSO) we can help with that. Consulting on every aspect within the cannabis industry, we’ve built an expert network for a one-stop-shop of vendors. We give you direct access to this variety of professionals, all highly knowledgeable within their facet of the cannabis business. We make it so you don’t have to go to five or six different places to have all your professional needs met.

INSO Reliable Cannabis Consulting

Reliable businesses

Finding reliable businesses to work with to supply your own business is hard. One interview doesn’t always demonstrate how great a business will be as a partner. Because INSO does the vetting for you, you’ll have better opportunities for reliable deals than you can find elsewhere. We can share your needs across our vendor network, glean interest, and negotiate a mutually beneficial relationship.

This all helps you attack the three key elements when looking for reliable vendors — price, quality, and speed. Are you getting the best price? Check. Is the vendor knowledgeable enough to provide high-quality goods or services? Check. Can they deliver as promised, on schedule? Check. With properly reviewed vendors, you know you’ll get a trustworthy partner in any area of your cannabis business.

Professional Cannabis Consultant INSO

Professional staff

Another bonus to having the INSO network to rely on is the guarantee you’ll work with professionals. This is especially important in the legal and scientific areas of your business. Working with lawyers and botanists, you want someone who produces good results because they’re truly knowledgeable. You want assurance they’ve experience directly within the cannabis industry as well. We can advise you regardless of the state of your business. With experience in growing some of the most difficult cross-bred plants, our team of scientists can assist you with creating the ideal genetic strain for your business.

INSO Complete Cannabis Coverage

Complete coverage

The INSO network of professionals extends throughout the cannabis industry. In addition to the legal and professional services we offer, our end-to-end consulting covers property acquisition, equipment procurement, marketing services, and operational support. We work with your team right down to the minutiae of operating your business in areas such as:

  • Security — both systems and hired personnel.
  • Compliance — ensuring your business fully complies with all state, county, and city regulations regarding commercial cannabis businesses.
  • Logistics— providing armored car transportation to secure vaults to keep your cash safe on a daily basis.
  • Store design — reviewing local tax laws and offering advice to help you design the layout of your business to optimize profits.
  • Branding — developing the right signage and marketing strategy to reach your customer base and establish a positive brand identity.
  • Human Resources — on-boarding new hires and making sure customer service is top-notch.

Contact INSO today to learn more about how our extensive vendor network can help you set your business up for success.