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INSO Consulting (INSO) is a publicly traded cannabis consulting firm with 100+ years of combined experience in the United States and Canada cannabis space. We help cannabis companies reach success faster and more efficiently by providing expert consultants in every discipline. Learn about our cannabis consulting services and see how INSO Consulting can help your business. 

The cannabis business is new and complicated.
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Cannabis Portfolio Companies

We service a wide range of cannabis companies from small scale dispensaries to large scale commercial hemp farming and processing. No matter your size or where you are at in your company lifecycle INSO Consulting (INSO) can help propel your business. Need science to get a higher yield? No problem! Need a large piece of property for your commercial farm? We got you! Need staff or even cash to meet payroll? We are a phone call or email away.

INSO Consulting

Company number : +1 833 – INSONOW 
Company Address: P.O. Box 922395 | Norcross, GA 30010 Press Inquiries : [email protected]